Mezuza.jpgHarbor Point, Stamford’s bustling, active new area, is now home to Chabad’s newest center. Opened in July 2019, Chabad @ Harbor Point primarily serves the communities of Harbor Point, Downtown, Shippan, the Cove and Dolphin Quay. 

Harbor Point, with a growing population comprised mostly of young professionals, but also older families looking to downsize, was lacking the infrastructure for vibrant Jewish life.

Chabad @ Harbor Point, under the direction of Rabbi Yisrael Deren, Founder and Senior Rabbi of Chabad Stamford. was opened to fill that need. Originally located in a lovely apartment in Harbor Point, In September 2020 Chabad moved to a townhouse for more visibility and direct access from the street. Although definitely impacted by the restrictions of Covid 19, Chabad has nevertheless made significant contributions to Jewish life in Harbor Point, hosting Shabbat dinners, Torah classes, Holiday celebrations, Synagogue services, Jewish life events and celebrations and forging personal connections.

Background of Chabad in Stamford:

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Rabbi and Mrs. Deren have been representatives of the Lubavitcher Rebbe to Western and Southern New England since 1974; they arrived in Stamford in November 1988, charged with opening Chabad activities in this community. 

They first founded Gan Yeladim Preschool, directed by Mrs. Deren (aka Morah Vivi), which was enthusiastically received in the Stamford Jewish community. 

Looking to enrich Jewish life in Stamford, Rabbi Deren initiated a wide array of Torah classes and lectures for adults, holiday programming for the community, Friendship Circle serving families of children with special needs, outreach to new immigrants from the former Soviet Union, children’s after-school programs and more. From the beginning, the Derens created deep personal connections with people, many of whom were unaffiliated with Jewish life in the community.

When the Gan outgrew its space at Agudath Sholom, the need to build a facility was clear. Rabbi Deren, with the help of generous donors who recognized the vital importance of Chabad to the future growth of the Stamford Jewish community, tirelessly worked to make this dream a reality. The beautiful building at 770 High Ridge Road is a product of that work and Gd’s blessings.



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